I would like to share with you my success and hope this will help you become as successful as I am.

Firstly I will give you some background.

I started out in the business world as a young 20 year old Panel Beating apprentice with only 4 months of my apprenticeship remaining, I found myself unemployed as the company I worked for went bankrupt and closed.

I learnt a lot from my parents, who were also business owners. They owned and worked very hard in a service station business and seeing them grind it out for many years, I knew there had to be an easier way to make a living than what I saw them go through.

So I decided to set up and open a successful panel beating/smash repair business called Instant Motor Body Repairs Pty Ltd which was located in Liverpool, NSW in May 1985 while I was still an apprentice.

I opened this business with a good friend and with no knowledge of what was required to run a successful business back then. 10 months later Darrel my partner came to me and said “this is not for me and I want out” as he wanted to drive trucks. So I worked out a plan and slowly gave him the money that he had put in wanted and I carried on with the business.

Still struggling I knew there had to be a better way to run a business than the way I was so I started to trial different methods of marketing and running the business. Some methods worked and others I learnt a lot from. I then realised by just changing a few things and doing them every day, I could increase my profits enormously.

In the late 80’s I started a company in the manufacture of “stretch” limousines, specialising in Mercedes and Rolls Royce. In fact, we gained much notoriety for building the first “full stretch” Rolls Royce Silver Spirit in the Southern Hemisphere. This company was called Jenaco Industries Pty Ltd.

In late 1989 early 1990 I was getting bored with what I was doing and sold off my share in Jenaco Industries to my business partner and started to look into an industry that at the time was not very well known in Australia or the world, “Paintless Dent Removal”

With many years’ experience in the motor vehicle repair industry and as a fully qualified panel beater, with numerous awards to my credit I decided to put considerable research, both in Australia and abroad, in developing and constantly refine and develop a system to suit the Australian market to cater for new technologies and changes in motor vehicle body designs. This is done via constant interaction with the motor vehicle industry, through the workshop, Insurance companies and motor vehicle dealers.

This wealth of knowledge assisted me in developing the Just Dents Paintless Dent Repair System. Put simply, it is a technique for removing minor dents (eg. hail damage) from the panels of a car, without damaging the paint work.

In December 1995 due to the increasing high demand of a growing market for Paintless Dent Repairs, Instant Motor Body Repairs was sold to my manager. The business has continued to operate very successfully using the methods that I developed and today is a top repairer in NSW, Australia.

I then spent the rest of the nineties training individuals, repairing vehicles for the motor industry and raising young my family.

Then came the turn of the century and Paintless Dent Removal became a big way most Insurance companies wanted to repair Hail Damaged vehicles and the industry grew even more. It came to a point when I had to say to myself I either forget many of the car dealers that I was dealing with or try and sell off that part of the business. In 2003 I sold off Just Dents Pty Ltd and formed a company known as Australian Hail Team Pty Ltd. This company has grown every year since with record profits and not to mention a better life style for myself and my family.

Many other companies have fallen by the way side and I keep getting asked what the secret to my success is by many of my peers, and all it comes down to is a formula that I keep on using ever since I have been in business.

People have asked me why I would want to sell this formula to others; the reason is that it’s all about life style. You can have anything including money and still be unhappy, and that could be because of the way you are and have always done it, but by just changing a few things and having the people that you deal with use the same methods, life could get much easier.

So to find out about my secret to success click on the “buy it now” and you will receive my training manual and you  too can find out what is important in being successful and make that little more which will lead you to the stage of a fantastic life style just like mine…

Thank you and I wish you all the best in life even if you do not choose to pay the small fee for my secrets.