Course Dates

All training courses are a one on one basis and are run usually conducted on the 1st & 3rd weeks of each month.  Bookings are essential.

Courses are conducted at our training facility or we may be able to arrange training at your premises. (Conditions do apply)

We also offer a 1 day introductory Classes, so that you can decide if this is what you would like to do.
Please call to find out available dates.

When booking, a deposit (non refundable) is required to confirm dates and if equipment is required payment of all equipment in full must be paid at booking time.

You can choose either a Do it yourself Technical Manual or a 1 week high impact 1 on 1 training course. Some people buy the Technical Manual up front and then seek the additional training if required.

In our high impact one week training course you will learn what is needed to start, perform and perfect dent removal.

Classes are taught by a Master Technician that has over 26 years of field experience in the industry. He will provide you with a solid foundation of Paintless Dent removal, while emphasizing hands on dent repair of the real world situations. From the moment the class begins you are involved in a compact, intense, fully charged curriculum that stands alone.

The master will show you how to use the proper tools and techniques to perform paintless dent removal, as well as accessing dent techniques.

Typical training courses consist of not only classroom theory, but also intense hands on dent removal training, in a workshop environment.

Because paintless dent removal is a skilled based occupation that improves with practice, we find that some students progress at different rates. For that reason we will tailor every training session to the individual needs of each trainee. It takes a willing student working with a seasoned professional who can explain proper technique and has a vast knowledge of the different methods used to repair the perfect dent.

Classes are typically held from 8.30am – 4.00pm Monday – Friday, excluding holidays. A half hour break is taken for lunch and shorter breaks are taken as needed to allow the eyes and arms to adjust to the new tasks asked of them. Paintless dent removal requires that students have good hand to eye coordination and good eyesight. Students are responsible for their own meals, transportation and lodging if required. However we would be pleased to assist students from out of town in making suitable arrangements as required.

For more information on our training classes, prices and advice on tooling please send us an email with your requirements and if you have any experience and we will tailor a training course for you…